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Ronse De Craene L
P, Iwamoto A, Bull-Hereñu K, Dos Santos P, Luna JA, Farrar J 2014. Understanding the structure of flowers—The wonderful tool of floral formulae: A response to Prenner & al. Taxon 63: 1103–1111

Iwamoto A, R. Izumidate, Ronse de Craene LP 2015. Floral anatomy and vegetative development in Ceratophyllum demersum: A morphological picture of an “unsolved” plant. American Journal of Botany 102: 1578–1589

Ajani Y, Bull-Hereñu K, Claßen-Bockhoff R 2016 Patterns of flower development in Apiaceae–Apioideae. Flora 221: 38-45

Bull-Hereñu K, Claßen-Bockhoff R, Ronse De Craene LP 2016 The FLO-RE-S network for contemporary studies in flower structure and biology. Flora 221: 1–3

Bull-Hereñu K, Ronse De Craene LP, Pérez F 2016 Flower meristematic size correlates with heterostylous morphs in two Chilean Oxalis (Oxalidaceae) species. Flora 221: 14-21

Dos Santos P, Ronse De Craene LP 2016. Floral development of Lewisia (Montiaceae): Investigating patterns of perianth and stamen diversity. Flora 221: 4–13

Ronse De Craene LP, Bull-Hereñu K 2016. Obdiplostemony: the occurrence of a transitional stage linking robust flower configurations. Annals of Botany 117: 709–724

Thaowetsuan P, Honorio Coronado EN, Ronse De Craene LP 2017 Floral morphology and anatomy of Ophiocaryon, a paedomorphic genus of Sabiaceae. Annals of Botany 120: 819-832

Iwamoto A, Bull-Hereñu K 2017 Symposium Report “Floral development -Re-evaluation of its importance-”. Plant Morphology 29: 73-74

Bull-Hereñu K, Ronse de Craene LP, Pérez F 2018 Floral meristem size and organ number correlation in Eucryphia (Cunoniaceae). Journal of Plant Research 131: 429-441

Iwamoto A, Nakamura A, Kurihara S, Ronse de Craene LP 2018 Floral development of petaloid Alismatales as an insight into the origin of the trimerous Bauplan in monocot flowers. Journal of Plant Research 131: 395-407

Iwamoto A, Bull-Hereñu K 2018 Floral development: re-evaluation of its importance. Journal of Plant Research 131: 365-366

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