In a number of occasions, FLO-RE-S members have organized symposia at different  international scientific meetings with the aim of sharing present research in flower structure and biology.


1st FLO-RE-S symposium – Santiago / Puerto Varas 2014
Contemporary studies in flower structure and biology

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The first FLO-RE-S symposium “Contemporary Studies in Flower Structure and Biology” was held in 2014, November the 24th at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and the 27th in Puerto Varas at the XXV meeting of the Chilean Botanical Society.


Check the Santiago program.
Check the Puerto Varas program and abstracts.


 2nd FLO-RE-S symposium – Okinawa 2016
Flower morphology: re-evaluation of its importance



The symposium Floral development –Re-evaluation of its importance was held at the 80th annual meeting of the Botanical Society of Japan in Okinawa in September 2016.

Here you can find a report of the symposium ans its program.





3rd FLO-RE-S symposium – Shenzhen 2017
Mechanical forces in flowers: An evolutionary perspective



The symposium was held on  July 28th as General Symposium T2-22 during the XIX International Botanical Congress.

Check the abstracts and description of the symposium.






4th FLO-RE-S / Bellis symposium – Dornach 2017

International Conference Evolving Morphology: 200 years Goethe’s Zur Morphologie



As an attempt to encompass most of the nuances in the evolution of morphological thinking, the program of the International conference Evolving Morphology was diverse, ranging from lectures, panel discussions with the speakers, research presentations, open space for specialised professional meetings (Symposia) to artistic workshops for nature observation and eurythmy with the interaction of the participants.
Check the program, abstracts and description.

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